If any of these cards are used, one needs to pay an extra charge of 5% above the rate that the Coinmama exchange charges. This extra cost needs to be paid irrespective of the cryptocurrency exchange used for purchasing cryptos; extra costs always accrue every time traders use fiat money . Coinmama provides a safe cryptocurrency exchange community to buy and sell Bitcoin.

In order to make any type of purchase you’ll need to complete some form of identity verification. There are 3 levels of verification, and with each level, the account spending limits increase. On top of the stated price, you will need to add a 5% credit card processing fee. This means that Coinmama’s price will be 10.9% above the market rate. If you’re a beginner, Coinmama has one of the most user-friendly interfaces ever created for an exchange service. There are no fancy charts or complex figures to confuse you. Once you create and verify your account, you can easily navigate the website to buy the cryptocurrency of your choice.

More Details About Coinmama’s Ratings

Coinmama does have a comparatively higher fee structure, but it compensates with excellent customer service that adds value to the money. At Coinmama, traders have a limited option of cryptocurrencies to choose from.

While reasonable effort has been made to maintain accurate and updated information, the information shown on this site may vary, be out of date, or not applicable coinmama review to you. Please review the terms and conditions on the merchant’s website. The most important options you need –Buy, Sell & Account– are proeminent.

Hackers Steal $200m Worth Of Shiba Inu, Saitama, And Other Tokens From Bitmart Exchange

Alternatively, you can complete the sale by simply scanning the QR code displayed on the checkout screen if you are using a wallet from a third-party app. Coinmama also supports multi currency purchases of cryptos made in AUD, CAD, EUR, JPY, GBP, and USD. However, and this is part of the reason the exchange has a good reputation, the company stores its crypto holdings in secure cold wallets from where users can buy. If Coinmama is flagged for these and other crimes, users will likely know.

Is Coinmama better than Coinbase?

For new investors looking to get into the cryptocurrency trading game, Coinbase is probably a better choice than Coinmama. While Coinbase users pay a premium for the ease of use that the platform offers, it still ends up being cheaper than Coinmama, one of the most expensive exchanges out there.

Coinmama, Kraken, and Coinbase all offer crypto investing for traders around the world. However, the three platforms have varying minimums, fees, features, and supported cryptocurrencies. Coinmama doesn’t facilitate trades between buyers and sellers; you’ll only transact with Coinmama itself. It also doesn’t let you exchange one cryptocurrency for another.

Buy And Sell Ethereum Classic Etc

When you buy or sell cryptocurrency on the platform, your orders are filled by Coinmama’s own supply. This means the coins will land in your wallet within about 10 minutes. While there are no monthly membership fees or other regular surcharges, Coinmama does have a kind of complicated fee structure that applies to each transaction. It’s generally in line with—and sometimes cheaper than—what other crypto exchanges charge but a little more transparency about fees would make this area of Coinmama’s service a lot better. Coinmama enrolls all its customers in its 3-tiered loyalty program. At level 2, you get a 12.5% discount on the final price of your purchase. At level 3, you get a 25% discount of the final price and first priority with customer support.

The third verification level requires filling out a short questionnaire about your assets and income, which will be reviewed for approval. The third and final verification level will allow you to buy up to $1,000,000 in crypto. The second verification level requires an additional identification document and a proof of residence, such as a utility bill.

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Coinmama is an Israeli/Slovakian cryptocurrency exchange, best known for its long-term offering of “buy bitcoin with credit card and debit card”. Over the years they’ve added more crypto coins and additional methods of payment such as SEPA and Swift bank transfers, making it really easy to buy bitcoin.

Is Coinmama safe and legit?

Final Thoughts. Coinmama is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world and has earned a name for itself as a safe platform to quickly buy and sell cryptocurrencies. It accepts Visa and Mastercard and supports all fiat currencies.

Find out why Coinmama is one of the most well-loved places to purchase Bitcoin and grow your crypto wealth. Trusted by over 2,700,000 people across 188 countries, we have been helping people buy and sell cryptocurrency online since 2013. Buy Bitcoin today and start your journey into crypto space with as little as $100! Download the Coinmama app, sign up, get verified in minutes and buy crypto with one of our many supported payment methods.

The Easiest Way To Buy & Sell Cryptocurrency

Coinmama is a simple, straightforward exchange where you can buy a selection of cryptocurrencies and sell Bitcoin. Coinmama isn’t a crypto wallet provider, which means it doesn’t have a place to store your coins . You have to set up your own wallet, which you can find for free or at a low cost through a third-party provider. These are rolling limits, which means they apply to any 30-day period, not a calendar month. We do receive compensation from some partners whose offers appear on this page.

Although the services are limited, unlike many crypto exchanges, it is available in the U.S. Find out what users think of Coinmama – Buy & Sell cryptocurrency by reading the reviews and checking the rating.

We like their very simple interface, non-custodial exchange, and many buying options. Used Coinmama for the first time but never validated his wallet. After chalking up his missing funds to the learning curve of self-banking, Alan forgot all about the “lost” BTC. However, in Q2 of 2021, when BTC prices were at an all-time high, Alan received an email from a determined Coinmama representative informing him of his still-pending transaction.


Coinmama has some downsides that you should take note of before deciding to open an account. To read more about these disadvantages and find out crypto exchanges that are a better alternative in these areas, simply click on the jump links.

In these cases, you’ll need to submit additional valid ID, Proof of residence, and Source of funds confirmation. KYC Level 1 is needed to begin buying or selling crypto. As you’ll see in a moment, you’ll need to provide Email, Full Name, Date of birth, Phone number, Country, Address, National ID/Driver’s License/Passport, and Selfie with ID document. CoinMama doesn’t hold customer data on the exchange servers, but that alone doesn’t guarantee your privacy. Since CoinMama is licensed by FinCEN and IMPA, it has Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering procedures in place. You cannot trade any amount of value without providing your personal data, i,e. As soon as you confirm your receiving wallet address, your coins to arrive in minutes.

Author: David Pan